Chest Rub: At Home Remedies

No, I'm not talking about rubbing someone's chest to make them feel better! What I am talking about is a product that's been around for years. Vick's sells a version of it, but really, any of brand will
 do and I am all about saving money!

Over the years I've heard of some really handy uses for chest rub aside from helping with chest colds and stuffy noses. I thought some of them were pretty interesting. I can't explain why they work, but from what I've heard and seen myself, chest rub is something you need to have on hand!

Probably one of the strangest uses for this topical treatment was not weird in what it cured, but in where it needs to be put to cure the ailment. So, here goes. If you apply a layer of chest rub on the bottom of your feet and then put socks on before you go to bed, the chest rub is supposed to cure you of any coughing. This is supposed to be effective even in severe coughing cases. I even heard of one woman using it to ease her discomfort of pneumonia. Now, do not take this to mean you should only use chest rub in your treatment of things like pneumonia. Though I would always suggest a natural healing treatment if possible, you should treat the illness itself, not just the symptoms. Keep in mind that the body shows us symptoms as a means to alert us that something is wrong and needs to be taken care of. That being said, go ahead and use the chest rub to ease any cough, but take your medicine as well!

Anyhow, the theory is that the bottom of the feet are on of the most sensitive areas we have and are more likely to absorb healthy oils into the skin. Personally, though I am curious why it works, I am not going to ask a lot of questions if it means I can avoid feeding myself or my son cough syrups that are loaded with sugar, alcohol and things I can't even pronounce. That I know of, red dye number 12 never cured anything!

Here we go with the feet again. But hey, it can be pretty expensive to keep your feet in good health and they do carry you around all day, so you should probably try to keep them in good shape. Toenail fungus. What a nasty little thing this is. It makes your feet look ugly and there are always tons of methods going around to cure it. But, honestly, most of them don't work. Soak your feet in bleach, soak your feet in vinegar, take over the counter meds, over the counter cremes or you can invest lots of time and money in things like lamisil, but you don't even wanna know what that stuff does to your liver. I have had 3 toenails removed, taken the lamisil, tried the bleach, tried the creme and really the only thing I have seen make a difference at all is the chest rub.

I have to admit I was desperate when I took the lamisil. For me it wasn't just about the look s of my feet, but it seriously hurt to walk. Try shoving something under your toenail to pry them up all day and see if you aren't in some pain! The only good thing about lamisil is that you can get a refund if you use it and it doesn't work. Thanks, but I'll pay the $3-$4 for the chest rub and eat the cost myself!

Chest Rub is also good one athlete's foot. Again, I don't know why, but it cures athlete's foot. Since I personally like the smell of chest rub, I don't even mind the smell of it on me, though I know some people do. All you have to do is apply the chest rub on the infected area after your feet are clean. That's it. My boyfriend has cracks on the top of his feet because he wears work boots all day long. He tried a lot of different creams. Nothing worked. He looked at me like I was nuts when I told him to use the chest rub, but I noticed that his feet look a lot better and he now keeps chest rub on the dresser right above his sock drawer!

Last, but not least, I have heard that if you make a solution of alcohol and chest rub in some water, then soak a cloth in it and apply the solution over the body, you can reduce a fever. Pretty handy info to have when you consider that most people have chest rub in their house over the winter for stuffy noses anyhow!

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