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Benefits of Aftersun Lotions – After Sun Skincare

Aftersun lotions are recognised as having several benefits, including providing a calming and cooling effect on the skin, following sun exposure.

In addition to purchasing sunscreens with an appropriate sun protection factor (SPF), it is well worth getting hold of an aftersun skin product. Aftersun lotions and creams are usually found in pharmacies and supermarkets, at the same location as sunscreens.

Benefits of Aftersun Lotions

While most people will purchase a sunscreen in preparation for the warmer weather and increased exposure to sun whilst on vacation, many will likely pass on the aftersun lotion selection. Although clearly sunscreen is more important, there is much value in using aftersun lotions following exposure to the sun, especially when in hot climates and following spending a day at the beach.

In Skin Cancer and Sun Safety – The Essential Guide, Newcombe highlights the benefits associated with using aftersun products, as follows:

- high levels of cooling ingredients
- cools the skin
- calms the skin
- moisturizes the skin
- soothes the skin

Aftersun Lotions – Hydrating Sprays and Skin Soothers

Aftersun products include hydrating sprays and skin soothing creams, which are specifically designed to help cool down sun-exposed skin. A helpful and simple to use product is the Ambre Solaire Aftersun hydrating spray, which is available from Boots and other pharmacies, priced at £8.99 for a 200ml bottle. This aftersun spray is quick and easy to apply, resulting in skin that feels cooled, soothed and intensely moisturised. Other aftersun products worth mentioning include the following:

- Aftersun lotion with insect repellent
- Aftersun with tan prolonger
- Aftersun gel with aloe vera
- Shimmer aftersun gel
- Ultrasoothing aftersun
- Kids' sun sensitive aftersun gel

For those holidaying in areas where mosquitoes are a common problem, it is well worth investing in an aftersun which also contains an insect repellent. This a great time-saver as it saves the fuss of having to apply mosquito repellent before heading out for the evening. Another useful aftersun product includes aftersun lotions with the added ingredient of aloe vera gel. Aloe vera is well-known to help soothe burns and also helps refresh and revitalise dry skin. For those hoping to have their tan last a little longer, there are a whole range of aftersun products which contain tan extenders or tan prolongers. The moisturising aspect of aftersun lotions, gels and sprays will help to stop skin from peeling too.

In addition to purchasing sunscreen with the appropriate SPF, aftersun products can help soothe skin after exposure to the sun and help cool down sunburn. In areas prone to mosquitoes, opt for an aftersun containing insect repellent, to help avoid getting bitten.

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