Aromatherapy Oils and Vitamins for Skin Toning During Weight Loss

When losing weight, it is important to keep skin moisturized and well toned to avoid loose, floppy skin; aromatherapy oils can help.

Any time one sets out to lose more than a couple of pounds, there is the potential for an unpleasant side effect: loose, floppy skin that is almost as unattractive as being overweight to begin with. One key way to help prevent this is to moisturize the skin regularly with toning oils that will help the skin's elasticity to allow it to shrink as the fat burns away. One of the primary components that gives skin its elasticity is collagen, which decreases as we age, leading to loose or wrinkled skin.

Vitamins for Healthy, Toned Skin

There are certain vitamins that are very important to help improve skin tone and elasticity; some that can be taken internally, some applied to the skin, or most often both.

- Vitamin A - should be applied to the skin only unless there is an actual deficiency. It stimulates the renewal of skin cells, as well as collagen production.
- Vitamin C - can be used both internally and externally. It helps to speed healing, and is a key nutrient needed in the production of collagen. When used in combination, it can boost the effectiveness of vitamin E.
- Vitamin E - for both internal and external use. It can dramatically speed the healing and regeneration rate of skin cells, and helps to keep the skin hydrated.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Base Oils for Healthier Firmer Skin

There are several aromatherapy essential oils and carrier oils that can work wonders to improve skin tone, including the following:

- jojoba oil: Although not technically an oil, but a wax that is liquid at room temperature, it is considered one of the best oils for every skin type, as it is the closest in composition to the skin's natural healthy sebum (oil). It also drastically improves the rate of absorption of other oils by the skin.
- evening primrose oil (also referred to as EPO): This is most readily available as dietary supplement capsules which can be broken open for external application, as well as being taken internally. It is one of the healthiest oils for any kind of skin. A little goes a long way when applied externally.
- cypress and juniper essential oils: These two oils are toning, but also mild diuretics, to help flush out excess water from the body, which subsequently helps to flush out many toxins that build up.
- rose essential oil: One of the top aromatherapy oils to improve skin tone and for skin firming.
- Other essential oils for skin tone include lavender, basil, carrot, lemongrass, orange, grapefruit, rosemary, sage, thyme, petitgraine and lime.

Skin Toning Oil Blend Recipe

The following recipe creates a fresh, clean smelling oil for use on target areas.

Combine the following in a 2 oz. bottle:

- 1 oz. vitamin E skin oil (preferably in a jojoba base)
- ½ oz. jojoba oil
- 10 8,000 IU capsules vitamin A
- 5 400 IU capsules vitamin E
- 10 1,000 mg capsules evening primrose oil
- 10 drops grapefruit seed extract (optional, acts as preservative)

Add to this blend 25 drops rose essential oil (this measurement is for essential oil already diluted in a carrier oil, as it is usually found; reduce to 10 drops if using pure essential oil), 15 drops lavender essential oil, 10 drops each basil, juniper and carrot essential oils, and 5 drops each cypress and lemongrass essential oil.

For an all-over toning moisturizer, dilute this formula in equal parts with another base oil or base oil blend. Almond oil is a good "neutral" oil for most skin types, or choose one appropriate to your specific skin type.

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