Alternative Remedies that Help Dry Skin and Scalp

Dry skin and scalp can be an irritating problem. This problem is common in the winter time but for some it is a regular occurrence. Dry cracking skin and itchy scalp can be made a little more comfortable by taking a few easy steps. Oil your skin and scalp, wash your body regularly, soak
 your skin in oil and water, exfoliate, drink plenty of water, and eat properly. These are tried and true remedies.

Bathing in mineral oil is good for dry skin. When your skin is wet your pores drink water. When there is oil in the water it takes in a little of that too. To be honest a little vegetable oil will work but I just prefer mineral oil. The warm water and oil will soften the skin and help nourish the skin to keep it from being so dry.

Drinking enough water is good for dry skin. Some may say what does drinking water have to do with dry skin? Everything, water is actually the best thing you can do for your skin. Our bodies are 70% water. Enough water in your body helps circulation, getting important nutrients to all parts of your body. It reduces inflammations therefore easing a lot of issues that might cause dry skin.

Shampooing the hair with a raw egg helps the scalp fight dryness. You crack an egg, mix it up and pour it over the hair. It does not smell too great but is very good for the scalp. Oiling the scalp is a typical treatment but you need to shampoo on a regular basis to keep pores clear.

Sloughing your skin is good for dry skin. Getting rid of all that dead skin will certainly allow moisturizers to do their job a little bit better. Oils placed on the skin will have a better chance of getting to the skin when it is free of excess debris.

Eating your fruits and vegetables will alleviate a lot of problems. If you cannot chew vegetables juice them. If you don't want to juice, take fruits and make smoothies. Either way, get them down.

Speaking of juicing carrot juice is great for dry skin. I guess it is that entire vitamin A thing. Remember you cannot take a bunch of vitamin A. It is toxic, but you can eat all you want. Lemon juice and olive oil have been known to be good for skin conditions.

These remedies require taking no pills and can be used in your everyday lifestyle. Dry skin and scalp can be caused by winter weather, soaps and other detergents, or other ski conditions. These remedies should give some comfort and perhaps even stop some skin problems altogether.

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