8 Easy Do It Yourself Steps for a Spa-Worthy Pedicure at Home

I truly believe that fewer things could be more relaxing after a long day of work than a pedicure. Many of us simply can't afford to have one done once a week or so.

Here are eight easy steps to perform your very own spa-worthy pedicure at home.

  1. Draw a bubble bath or a milk bath for a relaxing foot soak. Honestly, this is my favorite part. Using a soothing, scented oil can do wonders for your senses. Lots of people prefer lavender for it's calming qualities, but there are many others to choose from. Let your feet soak for a good 10 minutes or so.
  2. Use a pumice stone or a foot file to slough away all the dead skin cells. Focus on the areas around your heel and the ball of your foot; that is where you are most likely to have callouses build up.
  3. Massage your feet with a sugar scrub. You can follow my easy step-by-step directions to make your very own with ingredients I promise you will have on hand. Be sure to work this up your ankes, it will leave your skin super soft and rejuvenated.
  4. Work a hydrating body cream or lotion into your foot and ankles. My personal favorite to use is Peppermint & Plumb lotion by Bare Foot. It has real tea tree oil in it so it's extra soothing.
  5. Apply a cuticle oil or balm to each of your cuticles, and gently use an orange stick to push them back towards your nail beds.
  6. I recommend using a base coat like this Sally Hansen Double Duty, you can use it as both a base coat and a top coat. You'll want to keep the base coat rather thin, so be careful not to over do it.
  7. Apply your color coat. With springtime being so close I can definitely hear the bright colors calling! You can stop at one color coat, or apply two color coats if you would like. Make sure you give each coat plenty of time to dry before moving on to the next.
  8. Use your Sally Hansen Double Duty again, or a top coat of your choice to do your top and final coat. Once this is applied you can use a nail drying spray if you would like.

Voila! A pedicure just like the spa, but in the comforts of your very own home. How could you possibly beat that? Enjoy!

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