Waffle Iron Buying Guide

Choosing that waffle iron can be complicated, although the idea is simple. You thought you could just go to the home appliances section of a department store and pick up that silver waffle maker you saw in a magazine, but in fact there are so many to choose from! So here are some helpful hints and tips to consider before buying this lovely addition to your kitchen.

Waffle iron design

You can consider the aesthetic elements of the waffle iron. There are shiny finishes if you want a sleek look, models with cast iron for a rustic impression, or you can go with a neutral material like stainless steel.

Waffle iron shapes and sizes

Think about your available kitchen space. When the waffle maker finally arrives in your kitchen, you should not only have adequate space to store it, you must have a space to use it where it will not be too close to other items (as with any high-heat appliance). You also have many choices for the shapes and sizes of the waffles you’ll make. Some irons make triangular sections or stick waffles. There are even heart-shaped waffles or extra-large irons for family portions. Certain waffle irons have removable inserts that change the size and shape of the waffles.

Waffle iron features

Some waffle irons can offer you much more than just waffles! Depending on your budget, you might be interested in adding additional features. Some waffle makers actually have interchangeable plates that alter the function of the cooker depending on what insert you use. The plates can become a griddle for eggs and bacon to go with your waffles, or a panini press for sandwiches. George Foreman is a brand that makes models that include not only waffle makers but also panini presses, griddles and toasters. Dipping compartments and recipe booklets may also come included as accessories, so check out the box for some useful freebies when buying.

Cooking waffles

A thermostat is helpful in a waffle maker machine so that you can produce different colored and textured of waffles. Some people like crispy, brown waffles, while others prefer a pale, doughy center. It is also helpful and conducive to kitchen safety if your waffle maker can tell you when it is on, when it is preheated and ready to cook, and when the waffle is done with a sound alert or an LED light that goes on. An auto timer is also helpful so you can go about other things while the waffle is cooking.

Cleaning waffle irons

Without the right waffle iron, cleaning can be a mess. For beautiful, perfect waffles and for easy cleaning afterwards, you’ll certainly want an iron with nonstick, removable inserts. With this feature the waffles will come cleanly out of the iron, and you’ll be able to wipe down the inserts with a soapy sponge, rinse, and dry in your normal drying rack.

Where to buy a waffle iron

The internet is your best source in obtaining the details of various waffle irons. You can get function details, price details, comparison details and other pertinent details such as valuable customer reviews so that you don’t have to do any comparison shopping once you’re in the home appliances section of a department store. Better yet, ordering products online is more convenient than ever. Most products come with consumer protection and a free return label so that you can return a damaged or unsatisfactory item for credit or a replacement. Brand-name items are usually available both online and offline, in stores. Trusted brands offering waffle irons include Villaware, Cuisinart, Black and Decker, KitchenAid, and others. In some cases a waffle iron will cost enough to qualify for free delivery (try retailers like Amazon or Target).

With a waffle iron, you’ll be able to make restaurant-quality breakfasts in no time! Once you’ve decided on a waffle iron, you may be interested in some other cookware materials for your kitchen or a panini press.

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