Vitamins for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are solid masses that are formed from small crystals, which can be characterized by a few different types of crystals. Kidney stones can often be passed on their own, but can also grow to a larger size which can lead to complications with their passing, as well as pain and other symptoms. A simple way to help prevent and flush out kidney stones, is to use certain vitamins. These vitamins include vitamin A, vitamin K and B vitamins.

Vitamin A and Vitamin K for Kidney Stones

Vitamin A plays an important role in helping to maintain health of the mucous membranes along the bladder and urinary tract lining. Taking vitamin A or adding more of it to the diet can help to heal the lining, which can help to prevent the formation of stones. This also helps to help with any damage that may have been caused by the stones.

Vitamin K is found in urine, and helps to inhibit calcium from developing in the kidneys. This helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Vitamin K should be increased through the diet, but can also be found in many supplements that are rich in greens (vegetables). Vitamin K is also believed by many medical professionals to help dissolve current stones.

B Vitamins for Kidney Stones

The B vitamins play an important role in helping to prevent the formation of kidney stones, and can also help to get rid of current kidney stones. A deficiency is vitamin B6 is especially common for those with stones, since this vitamin helps to regulate oxalic acid and a lack of this vitamin often causes stones to form in the kidneys. It is best to take a B complex vitamin daily to help with the prevention, as well as the treatment, of stones.

Although these vitamins can be very effective in helping to prevent or flush out kidney stones, it's best to use them along with diet and lifestyle changes that have been suggested by medical professionals. It's also best to not use these to replace any medical treatment suggested or prescribed by a doctor, especially since vitamins alone are not always enough to get rid of kidney stones.

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