Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

Finding a Valentine’s Day gift for him in your life does not have to be a difficult process. With so many gift choices, it can be easy to become overwhelmed in the process. This guide is meant to be used as a tool to help you focus on your man’s interests so that you can pick out the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

Valentine’s Day sweets

Does he have a sweet tooth? Chocolates are a common Valentine’s Day gift for a woman, but most men love sweets too! There are many delectable chocolates and candies today marketed especially for men. If you are looking for something unique, specialty chocolates are available that pay homage to various sporting activities. Golf balls, basketballs, footballs…you would be amazed at some of the shapes chocolate takes! Prices for chocolates and candies vary according to quality and quantity, but they are generally available at a range of prices, with boxed drugstore chocolates for as little as $5 and collections of gourmet chocolates for $30 – $80 (check out Harry and David for some quality gender-neutral chocolate collections). Vendors like also offer great gift baskets filled with other edible goodies for men, such as beer, fruit, and other snacks.

Giving him something he can wear

If your man loves to always look his best, then consider giving him a nice shirt as a Valentine’s gift. Of course, the style of clothing will depend on his taste and personal preferences. Consider his usual dress style when making this decision. Does he usually wear dress shirts or more casual attire? If you are unsure about what style he would prefer, Polo by Ralph Lauren, Nautica, and LaCoste are all brands that have a wide appeal.

Men’s fragrances

Does he love to smell great? Fragrances make great Valentine’s Day gifts for men of all ages. There are numerous fragrances on the market in a variety of price ranges. If he loves the outdoors, consider a woodsy scent. For those men who work in a more formal environment, a classic scent such as Burberry would be a wonderful idea.

If your man is a sports fanatic, a fragrance with a sportier scent, such as Polo Sport, would be a perfect match. Try not to buy something that is too overpowering, as men’s fragrances often are.

Sports gifts for men

Is he a sports nut? For men who love to watch or play sports, consider a gift that features his favorite activity or sports team. This could be a gift like sporting equipment or something emblazoned with his team’s logo. Again, focus on his interests. If he loves to fish, perhaps you could pick up that new fishing pole he has been eyeing for months. Does he love the Cubs? A nice sweatshirt with the Cubs logo would be a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for the Chicago-based baseball fan (assuming he doesn’t root for the Sox!). You could even purchase tickets for an upcoming sporting event.

Geek gifts for him

Does he love all things technological? If the special man in your life is a certified tech junkie, consider getting him something related to his obsession. If he loves video games, then you could purchase another game for his collection or even a new game system depending on your budget. MP3 players, GPS systems, and other technical gadgets are excellent choices as well. Televisions, DVD players, cell phones, cameras, or video cameras might not be the most romantic gifts, but are all items that almost any man would love.

Men’s watches

What about jewelry? Men, like women, appreciate jewelry for Valentine’s Day gifts. Watches are useful and come in a variety of styles and prices…check out our buying guide to men’s watches for more details on how to select the perfect timepiece. If your man wears necklaces or bracelets, these are also great choices.

Movie gifts for men

If he loves movies, consider adding a movie to his collection. There are many special box sets and collector’s sets that movie buffs would absolutely love. Another idea is to purchase a year’s subscription to a movie service where he has unlimited access to a large movie library. Movie passes to a local theater would also make a very thoughtful gift.

Valentine’s Day getaways

Still need ideas? If you are still unsure of what gift to purchase for the man in your life, consider a gift that you could enjoy together as a couple. Depending on your budget, a romantic weekend getaway is an amazing gift. Many online travel services offer special deals specifically for Valentine’s Day, and you may be able to score a great price on airfare and accommodations. If a weekend getaway is a bit more than your budget can handle, a night at a hotel is also a great idea. You and your loved one can eat at a nearby restaurant, relax by a pool, sip champagne, and then curl up and watch a movie together. And of course, if travel is not in the cards for you, just plan the perfect date night. You could even add some lingerie for your special night!

So don’t draw a blank when it comes to finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your man! By focusing on his interests, you can find the perfect gift for him. Remember, he will appreciate any gift that comes from the heart. Happy shopping!

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