Toddler Bathing Products: Pros and Cons of Baby Bath Rings

There are a variety of different toddler bathing products available. Learning which items are best and how to use bathing products safely is important to keep youngsters safe during bathtime. Regardless of bathtime products used, it is vital that babies are never left unsupervised in the bath.

Toddler Bathing Products - What is a Bath Ring?

A very popular type of toddler bathing product is a bath ring. This practical bathtime accessory is used to help babies to remain sitting upright whilst in the bath and should not be used until baby is around six months old. Bath rings are also known as bath seats and while some parents find them very helpful, older designs can be very dangerous. Always follow safety instructions for usage and never leave baby unattended.

Pros and Cons of Baby Bath Rings

There are many positives to using a baby bath ring, as long as the baby is constantly supervised and the ring is used according to safety guidelines. The main benefits of bath rings, as identified by Smith in Baby and Toddler Essentials, include the following:

- keeps baby in one place
- makes baby easier to wash
- may help baby feel more secure in the bath

Disadvantages or limitations associated with the use of bath rings, mainly relate to older models. The older types of bath rings which often had too big leg holes made it possible for babies to slide underwater. According to Smith, further cons of using baby bath rings, may include as follows:

- active babies may find bath rings too restrictive
- babies may struggle being placed into the ring
- can be awkward trying to get babies out

Toddler Bathtime Products - Non-Slip Bath Mat, Bath Toy Tidy

In addition to purchasing a baby bath ring, there are several other toddler bathtime products which will help make bathtime easier for parents. A key item which is a real essential once babies start to be able to sit up and pull themselves up, is a non-slip bath mat. This will make bathtime safer, making slippery babies and toddler less likely to have an accident whilst in the bath. Another useful item, a bath toy tidy, helps store bath toys and allows them to dry more easily.

As highlighted above, there are many different bathtime products for babies and toddlers, including bath rings or bath seats, non-slip bath mats and bath toy tidies. Regardless of types of bath products used, it is crucial to never leave a baby or toddler alone in the bath and remember to follow safety instructions on each product.

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