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Solutions to Everyday Laundry Problems

Here are some of the most commonly occurring laundry troubles and quick and simply ways to deal with them.

Solutions to Everyday Laundry Problems

Brown Stains

Sometimes iron or manganese in the water reacts with soaps or bleach and creates unsightly brown stains. Use a water softener or water conditioner in hard water and avoid use of chlorine beach to remedy this problem.

Excessive Wear

This can be caused by improper use of bleach, stop this problem from getting worse by diluting bleach before adding it to the wash water.

Another cause of wear is tears or snags in the fabric. Make all repairs and mending before washing laundry and fasten hooks and close zippers before placing items in the wash. Check garment pockets for sharp objects that may catch on clothing and cause damage during washing.

Gray or Dingy Fabric

Incorrect sorting, not enough detergent or incorrect water temperature may be to blame. Proper sorting and following label instructions is important for good garment care.

Greasy Spots

- When undiluted fabric softener contacts fabrics staining can sometimes occur. Diluted fabric softener can be added to the wash at a full water level.
- Fabric softener sheets in the dryer sometimes leave strains or residue on lightweight fabrics. Use liquid softener in the washer when washing delicate fabrics. Also use a lower temperature in the dryer with delicate items.
- Hard water also sometimes creates greasy looking staining. Use water softener.
- Overloaded wash loads prevent detergent from reaching and reacting with fabric. Reducing the size of loads allows clothes to circulate more freely.

Harsh Feeling Fabric

Poor spin speed prevents detergents and laundry additives from being thoroughly rinsed away. Be certain the load is balanced and the washer can operate at it’s intended optimum performance ability.

Static Electricity

Synthetic fabrics tend to create static electricity in the dryer when dried without the use of fabric softener in the washing or a dryer sheet in the dryer. Dryer sheets are highly recommended with synthetic fabric clothing.


Yellowing is caused by unsatisfactory removal of soils, especially body oils. Pre-treat stained areas before the washing, increase the amount of detergent, and use hotter water and bleach if applicable. Yellowing also occurs with aging of some fabrics. Routine washing may help.

In summary there are some laundry issues that may not be foreseen until they happen and some easy methods to address foreseeable laundry problems. Always read the label directions and sort laundry before washing. Checking pockets , fastening buttons and zippers, and mending snags and tears will help clothing last longer. Not many people say they enjoy doing laundry but these helpful tips can help laundry look new longer.

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