How to Reduce Sugar in a Diet

Eliminating sugar in a diet may be impossible, but it is possible to reduce sugar from food choices. Here is how to check for hidden sugar in foods.

Many people are opting for a sugar free diet due to health problems or doctor recommendations. If people think that they would like to have a sugar-free diet, they should consult a doctor first. Dieters may have the option to limit their sugar instead of eliminating it from their diet. Even if they choose to stop adding sugar to their foods, they are probably eating it in foods that they buy. Sugar is found in some of the most unlikely places, like in ketchup, for instance. There is sugar in salad dressing, too! There is also sugar in dairy products like milk.

How to Reduce Sugar in a Diet

Review Food Labels

To attempt to eliminate added sugar from a diet, the dieter must review the label of every processed food that they buy. Therefore, any food or drink that is packaged in a box, bottle, can, or tray must be examined for its sugar content. This process may be long and somewhat tedious, but it is necessary to reduce sugar. As time progresses, the dieter will have a better idea of which products contain white sugar. Dieters will also learn to quickly scan food labels, quickly pinpointing sugar content.

Hidden Sugar

Beyond the obvious, such as cookies, cakes, and candies, know that there is also sugar in most white breads, some crackers, and cough drops, and savory canned meats may contain sugar. Even some meats have added sugar. Any meat that dieters buy that is previously seasoned or marinated in spices may also have sugar added. Dieters may not think that bacon has added sugar, but it may! People who pop breath mints in their mouth after meals should check the sugar content in those mints. Remember, there are some pseudonyms for sweetners or sugar. Check the ingredients for the product. Does it contain high fructose corn syrup? If it does, the product probably has added sugar.

Eliminate All Sugar?

People who say that they are sugar-free should understand that there is naturally occurring sugar in many foods, like fruit. Therefore it is unlikely that they can eliminate all sugar from their diet. They have to think like a detective to eliminate added sugar. Broaden thinking to include not only food, but also drinks. Sure, there is added sugar in soda, but there may also be added sugar in flavored workout drinks. Even if it doesn’t taste like there’s sugar in it, it could be in there. Therefore, never rule out sugar content in a food because it doesn't taste like it contains sugar.

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