How to Fly With a Toddler

You don't have to stay at home just because you have a toddler. It's possible to go anywhere you like'even on long airplane trips'with some careful preparation.

How to Fly With a Toddler

Things You’ll Need:

  • Infant Carriers
  • Strollers
  • Coloring Books
  • Inflatable Pillows
  • Motion Sickness Medicine
  • Baby Toys
  • Infant/toddler Toys
  • Travel Toys

Step 1:
Schedule a night flight, if possible, so that your little one is likely to sleep for at least part of the time.

Step 2:
Pack a change of clothes, or dress your child in layers that can be easily removed in case of spills.

Step 3:
Consider the preboarding option for parents of young children. If your child is mellow and sleepy, it's a great idea, but if he's wide awake and excited, it might be better to delay boarding as long as possible.

Step 4:
Keep in mind that only certain car seats are airline-approved. Be prepared to check your car seat as baggage if necessary.

Step 5:
Bring a selection of healthful, nonperishable snacks and a drink in a spill-proof cup. In-flight food services aren't designed with hungry, impatient toddlers in mind.

Step 6:
Prepare a surprise pack of small new toys, picture books and other tiny treats. Bring them out one treat at a time, whenever your child begins to get restless.

Step 7:
Remember that antinausea medications are a good idea if your child has a sensitive stomach. They also cause drowsiness.

Step 8:
Bring a collapsible stroller or kid-carrier backpack to use in the airport, especially if you have a connecting flight to catch. If it doesn't fit in the overhead bins, an attendant will check it for you. Airports are big and can be very tiring for little feet.

Tips & Warnings

- Do a diaper change in an airport bathroom before boarding.
- Turbulence can be dangerous for people who aren't strapped in, and walking or running in the aisles can also be disruptive.

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  1. Remember to dress your little ones with bright color clothing, so they are easy to spot if and when they run off in the airport. Don't bring any kind of toy that can roll to the back of the plane. Use snacks that contain little or no sugar. I learned this from experience.

  2. On those long flights, I not only brought a suprise pack, I wrapped each suprise in birthday paper. It made my daughter happier and made the small gifts seem much more interesting. It also meant much less toddler boredom.