How to Choose Baby Sleeping Products

Bedding is still needed so that a baby can sleep safely and comfortably. The principle of selection of the bed and cushion covers major who is the comfort and safety. Who are some supplies you should have.

Sleeping Bag

Select the reply in accordance with age and weight of the baby (usually listed on the label). No less important, note the thickness of the fabric, select a fabric similar to heavy sleeping bag when the baby’s room who you are equipped with air conditioning or air conditioning and otherwise thin cloth will be suitable if the nursery is not equipped with air conditioning so your child does not feel too hot while sleeping.


Avoid cushion covers with a mixture of cotton and wool because it is too hot. Blankets made of cotton will be more comfortable for baby. Blankets hollow who was advised in anticipation of the baby’s face covered with a blanket so air circulation is maintained.


Actually, babies do not need a pillow, but if you want to give it a thin pillow and who choose a pillow made of who did not make the allergen. Avoid using cotton pillow to avoid allergies.


Choose sheets that use a rubber at each end to avoid the release sheets from the bed, remembering the baby move much. Cotton bed linen highly recommended because it is not hot so it is more comfortable for baby.


Bumper is a thin pad mounted to a protective barrier around the box. Bumper serves to protect the baby when it started activities so as not to knock the edge of the bed. Bumper fine day at least has a thickness of 3-4 cm with height of 25-35 cm.

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