Foods That Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetics and pre-diabetics everywhere are looking for foods that lower blood sugar levels. When attempting to reduce blood glucose levels naturally, there are many effective approaches. Combine moderate exercise, and a low-glycemic diet, with foods that help lower blood sugars under a doctor’s supervision, for best results.

Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes blood sugar levels are affected by a number of factors. Medicine prescribed by a doctor, such as the hormone insulin, can actively reduce the amount of glucose in the blood. Other medicines improve the body’s ability to produce insulin, or help the body use available insulin more effectively. Exercise uses up the glucose available in the blood, and is an important part of the diabetic’s lifestyle.

In addition to medication and exercise, eating habits are extremely important to people with diabetes. By paying attention to the glycemic index (GI) of foods, and the glycemic load (GL) of meals, a diabetic can reduce the chances of a blood sugar spike.

Foods That Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

Blood sugar is affected by foods and food additives. Three foods that have been scientifically proven to lower blood glucose levels are green tea, stevia, and cinnamon.

Green Tea Lowers Blood Sugar Levels – According to a Japanese study, green tea not only improved the metabolism of sugar in healthy humans, but actually lowered blood glucose levels in diabetic mice without affecting the levels of insulin in the bloodstream.

Reduce Blood Glucose Levels with Stevia – A study conducted in Denmark showed that the addition of stevoside, a compound found in the stevia plant, to meals reduced after-meal blood sugar levels in type-2 diabetics.

Cinnamon Reduces Levels of Glucose in Blood – A Pakistani study, published in the American Diabetes Association’s magazine, Diabetes Care, showed that even small additions of cinnamon to the diet reduce blood sugar levels.

Reduce Blood Sugar Naturally

Exercise and a healthy diet are important factors in controlling levels of glucose in the blood. Adding foods that actively lower blood sugar can reduce dependence on artificial insulin, but should always be monitored carefully to ensure that blood sugar levels don’t drop too low or too quickly. A doctor’s advice and careful blood glucose testing and monitoring are important aspects of any effort to Reduce Blood Sugar Naturally.

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