Coconut Oil for Your Hair

Whether coconut oil is used for deep conditioning or a hot oil treatment on porous hair, it offers the same results; soft, manageable hair achieved naturally.

1. Heat the coconut oil for optimum results.

2. Add mayonnaise or egg yolk to the coconut oil. The mayonnaise/egg yolk allows the coconut oil to penetrate and hydrate the hair more effectively.

3. Spritz the hair with water. Make sure that the hair is damp and not dripping wet. It is easier to manipulate hair for deep conditioning/hot oil treatment when it is damp. This prevents any premature breakage.

4. Apply the oil evenly and directly to the hair strands. Start at the top, moving down toward the bottom. Be gentle. Unnecessary tugging/pulling will break the hair. Massage the oil into the hair for two or more minutes.

5. Separate your hair into sections. Start with four large plaits and divide each plait into 3 or 4 tight two-strand twists.

6. Cover your head with a plastic cap or warm towel and keep the cap/towel on for at least 35 minutes. The longer the time period, the better.

7. Rinse thoroughly.

Coconut oil can be found in grocery stores, beauty supply stores or online.

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