An Amazing Weight Loss Food: Oats

Oats are known to promote speedy and effective weight loss, naturally. Nutritionists state that about 3 grams of oat fiber (obtained from one bowl of oat meal) can help shed unwanted and superfluous fat easily.

Fiber and Weight Loss

Fiber has an important role to play in weight reduction. It makes one feel fuller for longer and helps maintain normal cholesterol levels as well. Oats are packed with dietary fiber. Oat bran’s fiber beta-glucan helps sustain ideal body weight. Fiber is also very essential to fight problems like constipation, as it results in formation of 'bulk' which aids in efficient bowel movement.

Rapid Weight Loss with Oats: Incorporating Oats in the Weight Loss Program

Experts recommend incorporating varying amounts of oat meal in to the daily menu on a regular basis. The commonest method of integrating oats comprises of eating only oatmeal for the first week of the diet program.

On the other hand, any diet that is based on one single food is considered a fad diet, and does not support health of the dieter. Accordingly, consuming oat servings regularly through the course of the day is advocated by several nutritionists.

One of the Most Effective Weight Loss Programs

Here is a sample plan that incorporates oats ion the daily menu:


  • ½ cup oatmeal with ½ cup skimmed, low fat milk
  • An apple

Morning Snack

  • One serving of fruits


  • ½ cup oatmeal with ½ cup low fat yogurt
  • One serving of baked beans

Afternoon Snack

  • One serving of fruit or one serving of fresh salad (without dressing)


  • ½ bowl oats
  • Grilled chicken breast / grilled fish / baked beans
  • A green salad

Continue having ½ cup of oat meal, three times a day, along with the regular diet. Ensure that plenty of fluids are consumed through the course of the day.

After 30 days, have only one serving of oatmeal daily. Restrict the intake of fats and salt. Steer clear of processed and refined food. Consume loads of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Weight Loss Diet

Oats are nutritious and wholesome, and help diminish the appetite. They promote a feeling of quick satiety and keep one feeling fuller for longer. Alongside, it is very important focus on other aspects of lifestyle, such as, exercising for 30 minutes everyday, at least thrice a week. Also, optimal stress management helps maintain an ideal body weight.

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