7 Benefits Of Eating Fish During Pregnancy

One of the most important foods that are recommended to pregnant women is fish. The reasons for this recommendation when it comes to protein choices are numerous. Below are just but a few of the benefits of eating fish. It should be remembered that fish is highly recommended because it contains high levels of Omega 3 oils, one of the most important nutrients in the body. These nutrients contained in fish are especially important for the women tracking pregnancy week by week.

Fish, especially the wild varieties contain high levels of Omega 3 oils, nutrients which are very important for general development and health. Even with their high importance, Omega 3 oil is not synthesized in the body and has to be sought from elsewhere in the diet. The benefits that these fats contained in fish have range from improved brain health, eyesight, the central nervous system as well as improving the immune system.

The reason that fish is highly recommended during pregnancy week by week is because the Omega 3 contained in it helps maintain a standard production of prostaglandins. These are hormones whose function includes the control of physiological functions such as blood clotting, regulation of blood pressure, allergic and inflammatory responses as well as nerve transmission.

Fish is thus important in the diet as it ensures that prostaglandin production is kept constant as when an imbalance of prostaglandin production comes about, all the cases above are affected in the production of the said hormones. It is for this very reason why women who had a diet high in fish tend to give birth to children who have strong hearts as well as with good cognitive function.

As pregnancy week by week progresses, the importance of fish in the diet and Omega 3’s for that matter increases. The importance of omega 3 in the baby’s development is quite important.

The benefit of omega 3 goes even to brain development for the young growing baby. It is for that reason that the nutrient must be added in diet as most normal diets are lacking in omega 3. Because of the development of the nervous system, it is quite important to include this nutrient in the diet as the little available in the mother’s body is mopped up and used in the fetal brain development. An adequate supply of Omega 3 oil in the body helps visual development as well. Further, studies show high consumption of fish during pregnancy helps reduce the chances of allergies happening in the body.

As the pregnancy week by week moves along, fish is important as the omega 3 contained in it helps in support of the pregnancy. Among the benefits that have been attributed to omega 3 fatty acids include the prevention of preterm labor, an increased birth weight and a reduced chance of preeclampsia. Omega 3 contained in fish has also been shown to prevent postpartum depression which is quite common in first-time mothers. This could as well point to control of mood disorders during pregnancy.

As stated earlier, the best foods to make use of so as to get the best value in terms of fish include tuna, wild salmon, herring as well as anchovies. The eating of fish is recommended to be between 3 – 5 servings per week. This helps bring about all of the above benefits and more.

One of the issues that most mothers are concerned about when it comes to the consumption of fish is mercury poisoning. Mercury is a heavy metal that commonly occurs in most fish, especially those that come from areas suspected to be contaminated with industrial waste. To avoid this risk if one cannot verify the source of the fish they are eating, purified fish oil can be used in the diet to ensure that the unborn stays safe and secure. Such supplements are recommended as the pregnancy week by week journey continues. The reason refined fish oil use is recommended during pregnancy is the processes of refining can eliminate all toxins from the fish, giving one what they really need in the diet without the contamination risk. One can also review the purity levels of fish oil before buying. In so doing, the use of fish during pregnancy week by week can be ascertained and the best is what your baby ends up getting.

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