6 Genius Ways to Make Kids Love Reading

Try these fun reading tricks to get your kids turning those pages!

Teaching your children to read should never be a tedious task. Make it fun by playing games about reading and talking more about the plot, characters and symbols of the story. If your child needs help learning vocabulary comprehension, spend more time explaining.

Here's a list of tips on how to make your kids love reading.

Start Early, Read Often: Reading stories with your children as soon as they are born can help calm them and link them to the sound of a parent's voice. It can also make them interested in the process of storytelling from a very young age.

Designate a Story Time: Children love structure. By designating a specific time during the day to read stories, they will always have something to look forward to. Whichever is most convenient for you and your child is the time that works best.

Utilize Technology: There's nothing better than watching your child cuddle up with a book. However, using an e-reader or iPad might entice a reluctant child to sit down for story time. Plus, there are many free children's books that can be found through e-readers.

Adventures to the Library: Taking a trip to the library can make reading an exciting adventure by letting your children pick what they choose to read. By giving them the power, they become more interested in what they are reading and can make the decision to pick up a book later in life.

Be a role model: If you want your kids to read, you should make it a priority in your own life. Always have books and magazines lying around to show them that reading is part of your life too. Maybe even plan a reading time where you can relax and enjoy a book, and have your kids do the same!

Create a book nook: By designating a comfy corner filled with pillows, blankets and books, your child will have a special and safe place to read that they can call their own. Decorate it however you want to, just make sure to stock it with good books!

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