6 Effective Ways To Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy

Here are certain effective ways to lose belly fat after their pregnancy.


According to many experts, breastfeeding is not only good for the baby but it is a perfect way to burn ample amount of body fat. Mothers who keep on breastfeeding their child tend to lose 500 calories and above every day and thus lose weight much quicker than ever. Breast feeding also makes you eat more, but for that you shall drink as much water as you can before each meal so that you feel full and you do not eat as much as you do.

Water Helps a Lot

As already mentioned above, water helps a lot in losing belly fat after pregnancy. You should drink a minimum of 10 to 12 glasses of water daily. This aids in boosting your metabolism and also suppressing your appetite. However, do not drink sugary beverages like juices and sodas as they only add to your weight. There are also other countless benefits of drinking water like better skin, better complexion, better digestive system and many more. Water helps a lot in circulating the bird flow effectively.


It is crucial to exercise daily and add in your regular routine. You can begin after some days of your delivery if you have given birth vaginally or after certain weeks if you have given birth via cesarean. Pilates or Yoga are even known to aid elongate the tummy muscles and then make them very lean. Therefore, these exercises aid you to lose that post pregnancy fat that women usually consider as unattractive. One other common exercise is abdominal crunches that many women find really effective in burning the fat in lower belly. Consult your doctor before you start any kind of exercise as your doctor will be able to guide on the implications of the exercise on your body. Also make sure that you are not aggressive to yourself while doing exercise. Make sure that you do it as you are guided.

Balanced Diet

While you are continuing to breastfeed your baby, you shall not opt for dieting. However, you should take care of your diet and have balanced meals. Consume 5 small meals instead of consuming 3 large meals. This way you will not feel much hungry and the regular meals in the day will help you speed up your metabolism.


Many women feel really frustrated when they do no witness the instant results and they give up their efforts then. According to the advice of the experts, women should remain consistent in their efforts as it requires some months to tone their lower belly fat. Consistency plays an important role in losing the belly fat. If you are not consistent, then you will not be able to succeed in your aim to lose the belly fat that you badly want to.

Get Rid of The Junk Food

Strictly say no to junk food that will make you gain weight. Clean up your refrigerator from all such items.

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