5 Ways to Teach Your Baby How to Talk

There are many ways you can help your baby learn how to talk, even in the first few weeks of life. Below are five of my best tips in helping your baby learn how to communicate from a very young age.

1. Make eye contact with your baby and talk to them. Babies brains develop so quickly from birth to the age of three. Take full advantage of this time! Even though your baby may not be able to respond with more than babbling sounds, they are hearing you and attempting to communicate with you.

2. Surround your baby with language and stimulation. For example, when you take the infant for a walk, talk about the types of things you see in the neighborhood. Point things out to your baby when you are driving in the car. Go to the children's room in the library and learn about 0-3 storytime programs. If one library does not have a baby storytime, try another. Read to your child a few times a day and make weekly trips to the library, Be sure your books at home are age appropriate.

3. Diaper changing time is a perfect time to sing and talk to your baby about what is going on. For example, make up a short tune about changing the diaper. The more your surround your baby with words the more apt the infant will be to start talking.

4. Praise your baby for any attempts at speaking. This means making a big deal about any sort of sound. Early forms of communicating do consist of babbling, cooing, etc. It takes time for your infant's mouth to be fully developed to be able to say words. Also their brain of course is developing to be able to speak and link some short words together.

5. Most importantly, set an incredible example for your baby. Practice good communication skills such as speaking clearly and making good eye contact with people. Your baby is learning how to interact and how to talk from watching you.

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