5 Potent Herbs That Have Positive Healing Effects

If you're not adding enough herbs to your diet, you could be missing out on the positive health benefits they contain. From alleviation of water retention to boosts in mood and cough relief, here are 5 key herbs that can help heal the body as effective as some medicines can, without the side effects:

1. Basil- Helps with depression. 1/8th of a cup a day for 3 days can boost your "feel good" brain chemicals, serotonin and dopamine. You can add basal to your juicer or in your soup, salad, etc..

2. Cilantro- Helps with joint pain and discomfort as it helps the body get rid of heavy metals. It also helps fight depression and fatigue and lowers your blood sugar and bad cholesterol. You can add cilantro to your avocado, salad dressings, dinners and more.

3. Rosemary- Loosens up chest congestion and helps with coughing. It breaks up phlegm within the chest to battle the common cold and flu. With flu season not too far away, this would be a good one to remember. You can put rosemary in sauces, stews, casseroles, and on top of seafood and roasted meat.

4. Parsley- Fights bloating and water retention. It can be added to juicers and also used on seafood and pasta.

5. Dill- Alleviates stomach aches by killing bad bacteria and is as good as an antibiotic to fight e-coli. It can get rid of food poisoning. You can add it to salads, potatoes, bread, and fish.

Unlike drugs and pharmaceuticals, herbs are whole foods that usually don't have any major side effects. They are also less expensive. Although some aren't as potent as some medicines, they do show improvements and therapeutic benefits regarding common symptoms. As with all beneficial health foods, it is best to incorporate them with an overall active lifestyle as part of a plan to improve overall health and well being.

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