10 Ways to Let Go

This is a week that I was reminded of the heights of stress that motherhood can reach, as I crested the Himalayans. With hysteria in my eyes I deterred strangers from my path, but not my children. It was the kind of week that made you just wants to lock yourself in the bathroom with a pillow and wake up tomorrow or maybe the next day. Four out of six of us were sick, requiring constant dosing of medicines, taking temperatures, running to the pharmacy and doctors offices. On top of that, our new insurance prevented me from going to the drive through pharmacy....Who knew that taking four children in and out of the Giant would be such an ordeal? It's difficult to describe the level of stress, frustration and upset that transpired from such a task. Mind you, the children had the nerve to act like children. Of course I'm pretty sure that the other shoppers didn't see them as children, rather as very loud little minions darting through the aisles, with a very exasperated mother following behind.

In one of the few quiet moments of the week during yoga, I was reminded to "let go". I tensed thinking about all the details, stressors and things that I must worry about. "Let go. Enjoy this moment of quiet and peace." When I really took the words in- to just let go, I realized at that moment how much I was actually keeping in. I realized how much I had taken on as my own, how much I was worrying about it, and how really I did indeed just need to let go. I kept this thought with me for the rest of the week, and kept repeating it to myself to "let go". Like a little gift, neatly wrapped in sparkling gold paper and a big bow, I pass on to you a few moments of letting go that we all need at some time or another, and apparently I need quite a lot.

1. When you are alone, be alone. Stop worrying thinking and driving yourself crazy analyzing how to solve your problems.

2. Look up when you are down. I got 8 lbs. of free shrimp from Giant- a promotion deal from their pharmacy...(my husband reminds me it wasn't exactly free). There are deals all around you, but if you are too stressed and upset or maniacal you will miss them.

3. Do what you can, and then be done. When you are preparing for a big event, at some point, be done. Meaning when it's that moment when you know that you have done most of what can be done, just have trust and faith that it will work out, and give it as a gift to the those around you.

4. Stop worrying about everyone else. They will live. No amount of worrying for them will solve their problems.

5. Stop trying so hard with some people. Sometimes there is that old friend that you keep trying to connect to who doesn't seem to reciprocate, or that person at work who vaguely ignores you when you are nice to them. Let those people go, and stop trying.

6. Leave the mess. It will be there for you when you come home.

7. Get off the cross, we need the wood. This is not my quote, however, I do believe it. If you are so busy feeling sorry for yourself, you are robbing others of what they need from you, and robbing yourself too.

8. Stop comparing yourself to others. Sometimes it’s not the dirty car that bothers us, with cheerios and dried cheese sticks to the carpet, it’s that we know that others will notice and judge. Who cares?

9. You are on the same team. When couples are enduring stress, they fight each other. Remind yourself one of you is the quarterback and the other is the running back and darn it you will win together.

10. Trust your swing. A golf aficionado asked me recently "Do you try to hit the ball?", I said "Well, yeah...??" She said, "That's the trick to golf, you can't try. You must have the fluidity down and trust you will hit the ball."

If you trust yourself, and let all ancillary stress go, you will be happier. I guarantee it.

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